Improving sustainability: here's how!

Want to make your business more sustainable but don't know how? Or have you already become more sustainable but don't know what's next? In three easy steps, you measure, improve and communicate your company's sustainability.

Based on your baseline measurement, you will have a concrete picture of where you can best focus and how your company can start improving sustainability.

Sustainability for your business

Sustainability is also becoming an increasingly important concept in SME-land. There are impending laws and regulations, subsidies to become more sustainable and sustainability plays an increasingly important role with suppliers, customers and employees. However, making a business more sustainable still requires effort. Fortunately, it does not all have to be done at once. A great first step in the right direction is a sustainability measurement. This provides you with an objective starting point. Based on your measurement, improvement areas follow and meaningful steps can actually be taken in the right direction.

Improvement is the second step towards sustainability. By objectively identifying which parts of your business can best be made more sustainable, you will have a clear picture of steps to make an impact. Sustainability is not only good for the environment and society, but also for your company itself. For instance, a sustainable business contributes to economic growth, along with many other benefits. In short, by improving your sustainability, you keep moving and are already one step ahead of other SMEs.

Getting started

Based on your sustainability measurement, our platform identifies areas for improvement and concrete recommendations. In doing so, we take into account which sustainability topics are most relevant to your business. After all, your attention and resources should go to the issues that matter most. This method is in line with the CSRD's'Double Materiality' concept. Within our Improvement Portal, your recommendations are divided into the categories of Economic, Environmental, Social and Governance, the well-known ESGs. These recommendations are mostly cost-effective and practical tips that you can start working on right away.

Our Improvement Centre is based on extensive information and advice from sustainability experts, broad desk research, case studies and best practices. This way, you know you are taking the right steps in improving sustainability, but do not have to delve too deeply into them. Thanks to the smart and dynamic nature of the Impact Scan and ESG Assessment, concrete advice relevant to you will be drawn up on the basis of your answers.

Making your company more sustainable is a matter of implementing the right steps. This need not be difficult. Our Improvement Centre offers downloads and advice with comprehensive information on how to improve your sustainability. This advice is tailor-made and provides a clear roadmap, so you know exactly what to do without accidentally skipping relevant things.

Sustainability and ESG are a journey consisting of many steps and components. Laws and regulations related to sustainability are flying around your ears and many companies are just starting out. It is understandable if you feel that you have not yet taken all the actions to become more sustainable. However, this is not a problem; every company has to start somewhere and it is more about the journey and the fact that you are working on it, than about what still needs to be done. Every step towards sustainability is one in the right direction!


Eevery's Improvement Centre has many advantages:

  • Tailor-made and key improvement plans
  • Tools and expert support
  • Periodic, relevant and educational content for managers and employees

The next step

With measurement and improvement, the most significant steps towards sustainability have been taken. But how do you communicate this to stakeholders? Showcase your sustainability improvements with our reports. These reports capture both your initial test for key variables and global criteria and your improvement programme and progress after some time. Use this reporting to communicate your commitment and progress to your customers, employees, suppliers and the public.

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