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how it works
The sustainability and improvement (ESG) platform for SMEs
Eevery translates data into actionable steps, showing you exactly what to focus on next.
Do a baseline assessment of your company's sustainability. Establish your starting point objectively based on globally accepted standards (e.g., GRI, CSRD, SDGs, EU Taxonomy).
Objective Assessment with relevant data points
Tailored to your company’s size, situation and sector
Identify relevant ESG themes and topics to your business
Gain insights into tailored made solutions for your business. Receive cost-effective and practical improvement suggestions that will enable you to move forward in your sustainability journey one step at a time.
Tailored improvement suggestions
100+ guides and templates
Consultative support
Communicate and report
Inform important stakeholders about your company’s sustainability progress. Eases the exportation of your improvements and results over time with a key focus on intuitive understanding for easy comprehension.
Easily comply with stakeholders
Attract and retain talent
Improve financing opportunities
Why Eevery
customer stories of Eevery's ESG platform for SMEs
Eevery guides us through all facets of sustainability within our company and objectively establishes the starting point based on international standards (GRI, CSRD, SDGs & EU Taxonomy). It provides direction, improvement suggestions and tools to communicate this to our stakeholders simply and clearly. This way we are not only visibly clean, but also visibly sustainable!
Nico de Goede
customer stories of Eevery's ESG platform for SMEs
When we received a concrete question from one of our customers about what we were doing in the field of sustainability and ESG, we signed up with Eevery. Eevery gave us the tools and support to give a concrete answer to the customer in a short time. Within one week we had gone through the whole process!
Evert van Oosterum
Owner and CEO
The Eevery platform enables us to recognise where we can improve our impact environmentally and socially as a business, which aligns totally with our values and commitment to making a difference to the lives of others within the community.
Charmaine Vincent
Owner and CEO
The Eevery platform has played an important part in helping us understand the impact we are having and how we can become more sustainable across a range of topics. In particular it will help us demonstrate our environmental and social credentials to potential clients and other key stakeholders as Business Growth Advisors for SMEs.
Stephan Renals
Relationship Director
Many sustainability audits and processes are not always covered by the ISO standards for which we are certified. Eevery has given us an objective, external view on this. In addition, Eevery allows us to talk to customers with more authenticity because we hold ourselves to the same standards as the product we offer. In addition, the improvements in the improvement centre are useful to take a step forward in sustainability faster.
Jamie Strauss
CEO and Founder
I really like the straightforward, visual report that was produced and the links to the Global Sustainable Development Goals that I can use with our marketing communications. Using the Platform Improvement Centre, we will work on the Environmental improvement suggestions to reduce, measure and offset our greenhouse gas emissions.
Julie Binney
Commercial and Communications Manager
Eevery provides tips and tools on how I can improve my business in terms of environment, welfare, sustainability and circularity. This way, I can reduce my emissions and reduce the use of new raw materials.
Boyd Hoek
Eevery has given us a measurement/baseline we can work from and a great insight into all of the components ESG comprises. It helps CYAN to determine where we are on our ESG journey and the areas we need to focus on. I would recommend the tool because it is an easy-to-use platform that provides tangible benefits in the form of a report and guidance on improvements.
Glyn Cheesman
IT Security and Operations Director
We started using Eevery because we are interested in sustainability and ESG and because we wanted to continuously develop our company. The platform has raised awareness on the topic internally and I would recommend the tool for sure.
Martin Vink
General Manager
Eevery's platform provides us with greater insight into the impact of our business, particularly on a wide range of sustainability topics, enabling us to make improvements.
Joran de Witte
Owner and Director
We are actively working on sustainability and making the company a step more professional. This is a great tool to help us with this. It gives us insight into our current situation and practical points for improvement that we can immediately work with.
Jordi de Vrie
Operations Director
Eevery helps to make the invisible, visible. For your own organization and for your clients. It spurs you to improve on sustainability topics and your societal contribution. Also, the tool helps make this visible to the outside world. This way, we objectively demonstrate that our efforts are aimed at sustainability and contributing significantly to improving the labour market, with the ultimate goal of valuable work for everyone.
Arjan Hummel
Using the Eevery platform was the perfect first step for us to get a baseline understanding of our sustainability profile, and identify the areas in which we can improve. It is easy to use, effective, and perfectly suited to small-to-medium-sized businesses.
Fred Keeling
Operations Director
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