Proschoon is a cleaning company that trains its employees and offers them the opportunity to become cleaning professionals.

Proschoon stands out as a prominent social enterprise in the Netherlands with a particular focus on its employees. With a mission beyond cleaning, Proschoon offers opportunities to anyone who wants to pursue a career in the cleaning profession.

Making a profit is not their main goal. In fact, their goal is to create social impact while focusing on the personal and professional growth of their staff. Every day, motivated employees are committed to providing top-quality cleaning services in a supportive environment.


Proschoon's mission is clear:

"We train our employees to be professionals in a work environment where they can thrive to the fullest of their potential. Working exclusively during the day ensures that our cleaning heroes truly feel part of our clients' team. The resulting chemistry is golden and contagious." - Nico de Goede, Director of Proschoon.


As a social business, Proschoon already had a large social impact. However, it was also seeking support to identify the other aspects of sustainability related to the environment and good governance, because of the high demand in the cleaning sector for more sustainable products and services. Together with their employees, clients and (value chain) partners, Proschoon wants to contribute to the climate transition, where everyone can do their part.

"We aim to be leaders in the environmental field, having already taken several steps. Such as purchasing circular cleaning products and making our housing and vehicle fleets more sustainable. To measure our impact and progress and set concrete goals for the future, we sought to consolidate this information into a single overview."  - Nico.


With our sustainability and improvement platform, Proschoon got this overview. The Assessment gave the company insight into not only their social impact, but also environmental and governance impact. This includes CO2 emissions, identifying sustainability themes, and setting KPIs and deadlines.

"This allows us to work concretely on achieving our ESG strategy. Results can be clearly communicated to various stakeholders. This is how we make Proschoon future-proof!"  - De Goede.

Nico conducted the Assessment with his team and immediately received concrete results and improvement tips. After completing the Improvement Plan, Proschoon has a new measurement scheduled. After all, sustainability is not a static concept; on the contrary, it is constantly changing. That is why it is important for a company to be innovative and to regularly carry out new measurements in order to keep improving your company.

"Eevery guides us through all facets of sustainability within our company and objectively establishes the starting point based on international standards (GRI, CSRD, SDGs & EU Taxonomy). It provides direction, improvement suggestions and tools to communicate this to our stakeholders simply and clearly. This way we are not only visibly clean, but also visibly sustainable!"  - Nico de Goede.

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