Circular Clarity

Circular Clarity, founded in 2017, provides strategic management services about circularity. They create clarity in circular entrepreneurship by building an ecosystem of knowledge and experience for their clients.

Circular Clarity creates clarity in circular entrepreneurship by building an ecosystem of knowledge and experience for their clients. Future-oriented entrepreneurship is often very complicated. Circular Clarity translates these complex issues in a practical way for you as an entrepreneur. They do this by linking a company's existing strategy to future-oriented issues using Circular Clarity's Values Compass. This is often done with targeted workshops from different relevant perspectives with a focus on people and values.


Circular Clarity saw several trends in the market:

"There is a flood of information on measuring sustainability, ESG and circularity. At the same time, many businesses are experiencing uncertainty regarding which priorities apply now. There is also little time to measure a new strategy and the focus is on creating value with what is already there." - Circular Clarity.

The company was looking for a new tool that would help them with those developments and challenges. They wanted to move and connect markets, businesses and entrepreneurs with a measurable ESG strategy. A positive contribution to their customers' knowledge and innovation capacity was also a desire.


Circular Clarity is an Enterprise customer. The Enterprise solution allows them to improve their customers' sustainability. It also makes their performance transparent and measurable for Circular Clarity.

With our platform, Circular Clarity can easily create insights into improvement opportunities for their SME clients, but linked to global sustainability standards such as the SDGs, GRI and CSRD. This allows them to actually put improvement opportunities into practice and quickly generate insights that really bring new themes and challenges to life.

"By involving the whole organisation, you impact the working culture in a positive way. This is a wonderful by-product that we therefore like to emphasise during projects within SMEs" - Circular Clarity.

Meanwhile, Circular Clarity has started working with their first SME customer within our Enterprise module and they notice that they can easily add their own strategic values:

"We recently guided our first customer through the onboarding process on the Eevery Enterprise platform. As a baseline measurement, we will soon start the Impact Scan and ESG Assessment with this client. This will be the starting point for improvement. Throughout the process, sustainability will be measured along three pillars; environment, social and governance (ESG). The result is directly usable in communication to stakeholders" - Circular Clarity.

Common ground

In addition to our Enterprise module, Circular Clarity was attracted by the shared intrinsic values. The exchange of knowledge within Eevery's Ecosystem is an interesting way to connect with more like-minded SMEs: "Eevery offers not only the tool so that insights quickly come into focus, but also precisely the personal approach and strategic follow-up" - Circular Clarity.

Also, Circular Clarity believes in being part of the solution. For instance, they have done their own sustainability measurement on our platform:

"Naturally, as a partner of Eevery, we at Circular Clarity also conducted a baseline measurement for ourselves . . . What is unique about Eevery is its Improvement Portal. It provides practical advice and suggestions for change based on the baseline measurement. The result? An improved score, putting us one step ahead of the rest. You do all this at your own pace and set your own priorities" - Circular Clarity.

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