The consultancy platform to advise your clients on sustainability

Use Eevery to analyse, advise, and amplify sustainability efforts of SMEs, fostering long-term, sustainable growth.

how it works
Develop and strengthen ESG advisory services
Eevery translates client data into manageable information, showing you exactly what is important and valuable.
Build your portfolio and benchmark
Offer your clients access to our sustainability platform and build your portfolio. Generate reports, perform analyses and compare your SME clients. Through benchmarking, you can demonstrate your positive impact and support sustainability within SMEs.
Build your portfolio
Client progress, measurement and reporting
Insight into carbon emissions of clients
Advise and support
Gain real-time access to your client’s environment, enabling you to understand their sustainability performance. Provide personal and customised advice and extend your servises.
Support your clients throughout their ESG trajectory
Alignment with CSRD, GRI SDGs and EU Taxonomy
Develop bespoke improvement plans
Build your client’s strategy
Design your environment and that of your customers according to your corporate branding. Provide a seamless transition between your own products and our platform thereby guaranteeing a complete brand experience.
Enjoy your personalised branding
Provide a seamless transition between your own services
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What your SME clients gain
View SME platform features
See how you can manage your client’s sustainability

Use Eevery to verify and advise your client portfolio on sustainability, in line with international frameworks.

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