Communicating sustainability: here's how!

Starting to make your business more sustainable but you don't know how? In three easy steps, you measure, improve and communicate your company's sustainability. We will help you.

Based on your sustainability test, you will have a concrete picture of where you can best focus and how your company can become more sustainable.

Sustainability for your business

Communicating sustainability is also becoming an increasingly important concept in the SME world. There are impending laws and regulations, subsidies for sustainability for entrepreneurs and sustainability plays an increasingly important role with suppliers, customers and employees.However, starting with sustainability is still a challenge. Fortunately, it doesn't all have to happen at once. A sustainability measurement and drawing up a number of areas for improvement are good first steps towards making your business more sustainable. Next, it is important to demonstrate your actions and points of improvement to the outside world. This will really show that you are already taking meaningful steps in the right direction.

So communicating your sustainability is a final step towards sustainability. Because you may be doing so well by measuring and improving your sustainability, but how do you demonstrate it? Sustainability is an abstract concept and sometimes you can't see the wood for the trees. This also applies to all stakeholders in your company. A clear overview of your company's sustainability activities is therefore valuable for customers, (potential) employees, credit enhancers, investors and the public.

Getting started

Our platform provides a complete sustainability report based on your sustainability measurement and improvement journey. This report consists of the company results with an explanation of the Impact Scan and the ESG Assessment. This takes into account which sustainability themes are important for your company. The results are divided into various (international) frameworks, each with an explanation. In order to communicate these precise results to your stakeholders, you can export an ESG Report at the click of a button. This gives you an accessible and reliable overview of your customers and also allows you to communicate your sustainability.


Our reports are prepared using international standards, namely the CSRD, ESG, SDG, EU Taxonomy and GRI. This way, you know you are working to the right standards and do not have to worry that important sustainability topics are being skipped. Thanks to the smart and dynamic nature of the Impact Scan and the ESG Assessment, your answers are used to produce concrete results that are clear and easy to understand. This allows you to communicate sustainability appropriately within your company and the outside world.

Sustainability and ESG are processes that consist of many steps and elements. Laws and regulations on sustainability are flying around your ears and many entrepreneurs are just starting out. It is therefore understandable if you feel you have not yet taken all the actions to become more sustainable.

Don't worry, there are no 'bad' results to communicate. By at least being involved in sustainability, you are already ahead of your competitors who are not doing anything with the subject. Moreover, this also lets you be the progress and that improvement step will come later. Every step in becoming more sustainable is one in the right direction!


Eevery's sustainability reporting has many advantages:

  • Sustainability performance based on international standards
  • Easily share sustainability, ESG and CO2 reports
  • Show your commitment and set your company apart from the rest

The next step

Measuring, improving and communicating sustainability is the way to go. Something that goes hand in hand with this topic is your carbon footprint. Reducing CO2 emissions is a popular topic. The Climate Agreement since 2020 states that all European countries must reduce their emissions by at least 40%. Partly for this reason, more and more stakeholders have recently been curious about a company's CO2 emissions. Calculating your company's CO2 emissions can be a complicated matter with a lot at stake.

Eevery's CO2 Calculator is a low-threshold tool that calculates and clearly maps your emissions with minimal input. It also offers advice on how to reduce these emissions, in collaboration with our partners Regreener and MyClimate. Also use this report to communicate your commitment and progress to your customers, employees, suppliers and the public.

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