Brand activism: A sustainable brand for your business

Brand activism is becoming increasingly popular, and with good reason. In fact, research shows that consumers, investors and corporates are in favour of it. Big corporations like Patagonia and Ben & Jerry's are widely known for their activist marketing and mission. However, you can also use brand activism to make your business sustainable-and this does not have to deviate from your current mission and vision. We explain how.

What is brand activism?

The official definition is as follows: "Taking a public stand as a brand on a social or political issue”. Practically, it means that a brand stands up for its values and - where necessary - starts a discussion to initiate a possible change.Fake it 'till you make it doesn't apply here: Authenticity and sincerity are key success factors, so there must be a clear connection between the brand and the standpoint.

They went first

Famous examples of activist brands are Nike and Patagonia. Patagonia, for example, has been handed over to foundations and non-profit organisations and all profits made by the brand are invested in fighting climate change.Nike recently launched a campaign starring Colin Kaepernick, an American football player. Kaepernick did not have an NFL club because of his protest during the US anthem against police brutality.

The importance of brand activism

Brand activism is on the rise and is becoming part of how a company can be socially responsible. This makes founders and CEOs more likely to venture into sensitive discussions. It is also attractive to potential investors to see that your business stands for something.

In addition, it may be a reason for 1 in 4 consumers to choose your product or service. Of these, moreover, 23% are willing to pay more. Finally, brand activism is especially important among young people. Talent has ears for a company with a sustainable mission, especially in this tight labour market.

Examples of brand activism

Getting started with brand activism does not have to be huge and compelling. In fact, it often comes across as less sincere if it does not align with your business. Before you begin, ask yourself carefully what your business stands for. For instance, what is your mission, type of products/services and customers? In short, choose a topic that connects. This will help you stay true to your brand, be perceived as authentic and face less resistance.

Once you have chosen a theme, stick to it. As a company, you cannot change everything and you don't have to. Focusing on one or two topics will make your message stronger and the impact bigger too.

Finally, try not to stay in thinking mode for too long and move on to action. Again- the action doesn't have to be grand and all-consuming, as long as you are trying to make an impact in your own way. Practical examples of companies propagating corporate social responsibility are:

  • No to Black Friday: Initiatives like Black Friday are a symbol of consumerism and are often unsustainable. Consciously choosing as a company not to participate in this is a good example of brand activism. You share a clear message and carry it out directly.
  • From the inside: Brand activism does not have to take place outside your company. For example, you can explore how you can contribute to this within your business. How does your company internally stand on issues such as diversity and inclusion and gender equality? Your employees play an important role in promoting a sustainable brand and need to get behind the business.
  • Local initiatives: Contributing to a local initiative strengthens your message and increases the likelihood of support. For example, look at initiatives around litter, local partners and suppliers. Involve your employees here too; perhaps someone has a great idea.

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