Embracing sustainability: why it's vital for temp agencies

In today's business landscape, sustainability has become a critical driver of success. Temporary agencies also stand to benefit from adopting sustainable methods. By doing so, they can improve their reputation, recruit top personnel, and contribute to beneficial environmental and social change. This blog will explore why temp agencies need to become sustainable and how they can implement it in their operations.

Why sustainability matters for temp agencies

Temp agencies play an important role in the market by offering employees to firms in different industries. They get a unique behind-the-scenes look at many companies and can use this to their advantage. Every company has a different approach to staff, recruitment, and policies. Temp agencies can see what works and what doesn't from a distance, allowing them to adapt accordingly. For example, they can play a significant role in creating a diverse work environment. They can also contribute to objective and transparent recruitment processes and raise awareness about social differences.

Part of sustainable business is also considering your stakeholders. If they are not sustainable, it can affect the sustainability of your own company. Temp agencies are key stakeholders for many companies. This means that value chain partners will start asking questions about the temp agency's sustainability, prompting them to focus on their sustainable practices.

How temp agencies can implement sustainability

To start with sustainability, you have to consider your most relevant aspects. People are a temp agency's most important asset, so the sustainability strategy should focus on its employees and the social component (people, diversity and health). Sharing your employees' knowledge about sustainable initiatives and best practices they see in the market can significantly impact your clients.

Another way temp agencies can have a big ESG impact is by making the recruitment and selection processes more sustainable. This applies not only to recruiting for their clients but also to their staff. They can, for example, set specific diversity goals or adjust their selection process to make it more transparent and objective. Finally, temp agencies can apply this to their candidates, employees, and clients. By being more selective in who they work with, they can make a significant social impact.

A step-by-step guide for simple sustainability

Here is a list of what actions you can take:

Understand everything that matters

  • Actively engage with employees and clients to appreciate their priorities. This way, you can explore previously unknown sustainability topics for your company, and also help them with their sustainability.
  • Explore which sustainability topics are relevant to your company. A company's relevant topics depend on its industry, situation, and size. It's usually the social component (people, diversity, and health) for temp agencies, but other companies may have a focus on the environment and carbon emissions.
  • Determine which values align with your mission and vision. Sustainability must be widely embraced and embedded within your company. This can only happen if it aligns with your organisation's DNA and everyone promotes it.

Set clear sustainability goals

  • Define specific and measurable sustainability goals. This way, you can objectively and transparently show your progress. The goals don't have to be big; it's about taking steps, no matter how small.
  • Engage employees and stakeholders in the goal-setting process. Only together can you achieve a long-term sustainable strategy.
  • Break down goals into achievable milestones and track progress regularly. Business is constantly changing, and so is the process of making your company more sustainable. Periodically evaluate, annually for instance, to see where you stand. Adjust your strategy and goals accordingly.

Provide sustainability training

  • Develop training programs on sustainability topics relevant to a temp agency's operations. Keep it practical small workshops or presentations from experts. You can start with an introduction to ESG and sustainable business and then move on to specific topics. For instance, these can relate to an inclusive hiring process or whistleblowing policies.
  • Adapt the training material to the needs of your temporary workers. Make sustainability a topic of conversation. This will help you guide your temp workers to recognise sustainable practices. It will also enable them to ask the right questions during a hiring procedure, increasing the possibility of a good match, which result in higher employee satisfaction.
  • Incorporate sustainability in onboarding processes. This supports a baseline level of intrinsic sustainability within your agency, allowing you to build further. Research has shown that sustainable awareness leads to higher employee engagement.

How can Eevery help?

Sustainability is a smart choice for temp agencies looking to stay ahead. With sustainable business practices, you can strengthen your brand, attract top talent, and solidify strong client relationships.

At Eevery, we understand the importance of sustainability and offer tailored solutions to help you become more sustainable seamlessly. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your business in making a positive impact.


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