A practical example of a sustainable company. In this customer story, we introduce Digbee.

Digbee is a technology company that builds solutions for the mining industry. They want to mitigate risk, improve transparency and foster a stronger and better global mining community for all. Digbee is committed to transforming one of the most important yet misconceived industries on the planet. Their overriding mission is to make mining better. The company does this through a suite of open products that help mining companies, investors, NGOs, communities and others.


Jamie Strauss, CEO and founder of Digbee, says his company started using Eevery because "we are an ESG company that provides ratings and scores for mining companies. We wanted to hold ourselves to the same standard as our clients and lead the way. We are ISO-accredited and having an idea of our ESG scores helps the company improve or identify areas for improvement."


Companies that have already taken the first step towards sustainability are doing very well and are ahead of the rest. With a complete sustainability solution from Eevery, in addition to the steps already taken, you get an all-around picture of other opportunities for improvement.

“We had an outside view on some of our core actions from the perspective of current ESG expectations for small and medium-sized businesses. After completion, we had further ideas on where we could monitor and install some controls to assist us in maintaining and keeping up with best practice norms. In some cases, the expectations may not align well with our business culture and mission at this time, but it still allows us to have those discussions and considerations as we grow".

Sustainability has many concepts, tools and methods. For entrepreneurs, it is difficult to understand it all, but also to convey it intelligibly to stakeholders, such as customers, investors and employees. Eevery is aligned with global standards. Thus, results are objective and easy to communicate and compare.

"Eevery brought us an objective, outside view of our business controls and processes in areas not always covered by the ISO standards we are certified to. Eevery allows us to talk with more authenticity with clients as we are holding ourselves to the same standards as the product we offer. The templates and ideas for what we can monitor going forwards were helpful to get a faster step up”.

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