RGV Hotel Services B.V.

RGV Hotel Services B.V. is a cleaning company specialised in providing complete cleaning services to hotels in the Amsterdam area.

They provide support to the entire back end of the hotel, including room staff, public area attendants, housemen and spa attendants. RGV Hotel Services takes over the entire Housekeeping department of the hotel, including Management and supervision. This relieves the client and allows them to concentrate on running the business, while housekeeping is in very good hands.



Raymond Verpoorten, owner of RGV Hotel Services B.V. used Eevery to evaluate his course on sustainability and its various aspects. He wanted to check whether he was on the right track as an entrepreneur and what his areas for improvement were to become and remain an even better one.

''Over the past three years, the focus within the hotel industry has been very much on corona and, as a result, sustainability has been an underdog. Now, though, the time is ripe to focus on this and sustainability is becoming increasingly important.''


Getting started with sustainability can be tricky and companies often don't know where to start. However, Eevery also offers Consultative Support to assist you throughout the sustainability journey.

''Thanks to Eevery's simple platform, pleasant contacts and good helpdesk, we got a clear insight into our current position on sustainability. This showed that we were doing better than we thought.''

Sustainability often focuses mainly on the environment because of the current macroeconomic situation. But sustainability encompasses more than just environmental aspects. The social and governance aspects, for instance, are also important for sustainable operations. Companies striving for sustainability should therefore not only consider the environment, but also the social and governance aspects of sustainability.

''It takes a lot to be a good employer and it is also becoming increasingly important. We are already working on this by offering indefinite contracts, a wage higher than the collective agreement increase and housing. Also, on Ukraine's Independence Day, we did something special for all Ukrainian workers. Through these various actions, we score high on Social within the ESG criteria. Our employees are our most important product and therefore a high score on Social is very valuable for RGV Hotel Services B.V..''

If you are already working on sustainability, that's good news! However, it is also important to find out what other steps you can take and how to map this out. By using Eevery's sustainability platform, you can get an overview of your company's sustainability performance and discover where there is still room for improvement.

''I can say that I'm a good employer for my employees, but am I really?  And what does that show? Also, after corona, we are now busy adapting our processes and should not lose sight of sustainability in the process. It is always good to be held up to a mirror and Eevery provides this proverbial sustainability mirror.''

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