DeJong Cheese

DeJong Cheese, based in Alphen on the Belgian border, is a real family business that has been making soft and matured (goat) cheeses of high quality according to a traditional recipe since 1995.

With two brands, DeJong's Cheese and Alphenaer, the company serves various markets, both nationally and internationally. Their dedication to quality is underlined by several awards won at major international cheese competitions.

"The mission of our company is to produce the tastiest soft Alphenaer cheeses in a professionally artisanal and sustainable way," explains the DeJong Cheese team.


However, sustainability is a complex concept, hard to define and difficult to measure. For DeJong Cheese, it was challenging to get a clear, measurable insight into their sustainability performance and share it in a transparent way with customers and other stakeholders. "We were looking for handles in the land of sustainability that would make it a lot simpler," shares DeJong Cheese.


To tackle this challenge, DeJong Cheese turned to Eevery. "Thanks to Eevery, we can show professional sustainability reports to our customers and other stakeholders," says the team at DeJong Cheese. "It provides us with clear information and tools to start with."

Eevery has helped the company with a foundation to deepen its sustainability efforts. They began with a baseline measurement to establish their current state of affairs and are now systematically going through each part of their business to see where improvements are possible.

"What stood out about the tool was how diverse it was set up," notes the team at DeJong Cheese. "It is accessible, efficient, and affordable."


With the help of Eevery, DeJong Cheese is now better equipped to achieve its sustainability goals and communicate this with its customers and stakeholders. They now have the tools to tackle this complex and important area systematically and effectively. "We started with the so-called baseline measurement," says the team. "Now we're going to look at each part to see what we can improve."

Striving for sustainability is a continuous process, but with the help of Eevery, DeJong Cheese is well on its way to realizing its ambitions.

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