Elephants Child

Elephants Child is a Business Growth Advisory Service working predominantly with Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Elephants Child aims to be the SME business advisor of choice and focus business leaders to develop their company, maximise growth, drive value and enjoy a profit. They focus on delivering outcomes of turnaround, growth, funding or exit.​

"Business Growth Planning is a critical anchor point and foundation for any business. Often absent, weak or sat in peoples' heads. The process delivers clarity in the form of a strategic intent, three-year plan and annual operating plan. This affords clients to articulate a vision a forward-looking view of the business and the objectives, actions and steps required to deliver the plan" - Elephants Child.


Elephants Child wanted clarity with their ESG position. They are a progressive and thoughtful business, with a clear purpose of supporting our clients to succeed. However,  it was paramount to establish more in-depth knowledge as to what that means in ESG terms. They were looking for a rapid cost-effective and clear audit output as to where their business and their client businesses might sit.

"We needed an Eevery audit to truly understand the ESG agenda and the importance of it but had no practical way of helping educate the SME market to understand why and how it’s important to take action to impact their entire business" - Elephants Child.


Elephants Child is an SME customer. Our platform allows them to measure their sustainability performance, access easy-to-implement improvements and generate sustainability reports for stakeholders. In this way, they create instant value not only for their business but also for their clients' businesses.

"We completed the audit and worked closely with the Eevery team to understand it and then were able to present it to our existing and potential SME clients. We found the platform easy to use and navigate, understand the results and then put it into practice.  ESG should be a part of the bigger strategic picture and not as a bolt-on or afterthought because legislation is coming into force" - Elephants Child.

It has informed not only Elephants Child's journey but their entire business moving forward and is something they are confident in offering to all of their clients as part of their strategic business planning process.

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