Patisserie Hoeben

From small village bakery to national supplier. In 1875, the Hoeben family started a farm annex bakery just outside Liessel.

In those days, the kneading machines were still driven by horses. Patisserie Hoeben has since become a national player, supplying the largest supermarket organisations in the Netherlands with daily fresh pastries. Passionate employees in a family-oriented working atmosphere ensure top-quality fresh pastries every day.

"Our mission is to delight a large audience with the tastiest pastries every day! With passion, we spend the utmost care to get the most beautiful and fresh pastries in the shop" - Leon Hoeben, Co-owner.


Procurement decisions are increasingly made based on the sustainability and ESG performance of suppliers. As a result, Patisserie Hoeben was looking for a way to map the sustainability of their business.

"We notice an increasing need in our environment to do business more sustainably. Both our suppliers and customers are more concerned with it, which has meant that we are increasingly challenged to take a critical look at the sustainability of our own business. In addition, sustainability will eventually become part of legislation, this is something we want to be prepared for" - Leon Hoeben, Co-owner.


"Eevery has helped us map out where we currently stand as a company. It offers useful points for improvement to make our business more sustainable in the future. The recently added CO2 Calculator is a real eye-opener and provides insight into opportunities for improvement.

It is an accessible tool that provides simple insight into the sustainability position of your company. This gives a clear signal to your supplier, customers and prepares you for the future" - Leon Hoeben, Co-owner.

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