Hooke Highways

Hooke Highways, a prominent traffic management service provider in the South of England, has been on a commendable journey since its establishment in 2012.

Over the past 11 years, the company has witnessed steady growth, boasting a turnover of eight million pounds. Their commitment to sustainability and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) has been evident in their operations, but they sought a structured approach to measure, improve, and report on their ESG initiatives.

The Challenge

Julie Binney from Hooke Highways highlighted the company's intrinsic efforts towards reducing environmental impact. They had invested in new equipment, reduced CO2 emissions, embraced technology, and supported local charities. However, with the increasing demand for ESG reporting from clients and industry peers, Hooke Highways faced challenges. Julie mentioned, "When we’ve been renewing client framework agreements when responding to tenders and KPI reporting, our clients in the industry, and other organisations are requesting more and more information on our ESG plans." They had amassed a wealth of data but lacked the tools to transform it into actionable insights: "While we’ve intuitively been doing a lot of the right things around environmental impact... we’ve also noticed an increase in the need for ESG reporting."

Eevery's Approach

Recognising the need for a comprehensive ESG solution, Hooke Highways partnered with Eevery. Julie recalls, "We signed up with the Eevery platform so we could turn our information into some meaningful data and results that we could actually use to improve and ultimately create more value for our business." With the assistance of Eevery and Elephants Child, Hooke Highways underwent an ESG baseline assessment. This assessment provided a clear, visual report pinpointing their strengths and areas of improvement in their ESG initiatives.

The collaboration with Eevery empowered Hooke Highways to make sense of their extensive data. The platform offered a structured approach, enabling the company to focus on immediate tangible actions. Julie expressed her satisfaction, stating, "Getting the results and being able to turn them into some tangible action was obviously key for us." The Eevery portal became an invaluable tool for the company, allowing them to revisit results and track their progress: "It has given us an excellent framework as an SME – making sense of all the data that we already had."

Partnership with Elephants Child

Eevery's partnership with Elephants Child was instrumental in guiding Hooke Highways through its ESG journey: "Being able to effectively measure and improve our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) plans, apart from being the right thing to do, is also critical to our ongoing business growth." The combined expertise of both entities ensured that Hooke Highways received a holistic solution tailored to their needs.

Looking Ahead

Hooke Highways continues to prioritize its ESG initiatives. With a baseline set of results in place, they are actively working on improvement actions. They plan to utilize the CO2 Calculator on the Eevery portal and reassess their ESG performance in the coming months to ensure continuous progress.

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